Micah 4

1But in the last dayes it shall come to passe, that the mountaine of the House of the Lord shall be prepared in the toppe of the mountaines, and it shall bee exalted aboue the hilles, and people shall flowe vnto it.

2Yea, many nations shall come and say, Come, and let vs goe vp to the Mountaine of the Lord, and to the House of the God of Iaakob, and hee will teache vs his wayes, and we wil walke in his pathes: for the Lawe shall goe forth of Zion, and the worde of the Lord from Ierusalem.

3And he shall iudge among many people, and rebuke mightie nations a farre off, and they shall breake their swordes into mattockes, and their speares into sithes: nation shall not lift vp a sword against nation, neither shall they learne to fight any more.

4But they shall sit euery man vnder his vine, and vnder his figge tree, and none shall make them afraid: for the mouth of the Lord of hostes hath spoken it.

5For all people will walke euery one in the name of his God, and we will walke in the Name of the Lord our God, for euer and euer.

6At the same day, saith the Lord, will I gather her that halteth, and I will gather her that is cast out, and her that I haue afflicted.

7And I will make her that halted, a remnant, and her that was cast farre off, a mightie nation: and the Lord shall reigne ouer them in Mount Zion, from hence forth euen for euer.

8And thou, O towre of the flock, the strong holde of the daughter Zion, vnto thee shall it come, euen the first dominion, and kingdome shall come to the daughter Ierusalem.

9Nowe why doest thou crie out with lamentation? is there no King in thee? is thy counseller perished? for sorowe hath taken thee, as a woman in trauaile.

10Sorow and mourne, O daughter Zion, like a woman in trauaile: for nowe shalt thou goe foorth of the citie, and dwel in the field, and shalt goe into Babel, but there shalt thou be deliuered: there the Lord shall redeeme thee from the hand of thine enemies.

11Nowe also many nations are gathered against thee, saying, Zion shalbe condemned and our eye shall looke vpon Zion.

12But they knowe not the thoughtes of the Lord: they vnderstand not his counsell, for he shall gather them as the sheaues in the barne.

13Arise, and thresh, O daughter Zion: for I will make thine horne yron, and I will make thine hooues brasse, and thou shalt breake in pieces many people: and I will consecrate their riches vnto the Lord, and their substance vnto the ruler of the whole worlde.

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