Psalms 26

1A Psalme of David. Judge me, O Lord, for I haue walked in mine innocency: my trust hath bene also in the Lord: therefore shall I not slide.

2Proue me, O Lord, and trie mee: examine my reines, and mine heart.

3For thy louing kindnesse is before mine eyes: therefore haue I walked in thy trueth.

4I haue not hanted with vaine persons, neither kept companie with the dissemblers.

5I haue hated the assemblie of the euill, and haue not companied with the wicked.

6I will wash mine handes in innocencie, O Lord, and compasse thine altar,

7That I may declare with the voyce of thankesgiuing, and set foorth all thy wonderous woorkes.

8O Lord, I haue loued the habitation of thine house, and the place where thine honour dwelleth.

9Gather not my soule with the sinners, nor my life with the bloodie men:

10In whose handes is wickednes, and their right hand is full of bribes.

11But I will walke in mine innocencie: redeeme me therefore, and be mercifull vnto me.

12My foote standeth in vprightnesse: I will praise thee, O Lord, in the Congregations.

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