Psalms 39

1To the excellent musician Ieduthun. I thought, I will take heede to my wayes, that I sinne not with my tongue: I will keepe my mouth brideled, while the wicked is in my sight.

2I was dumme and spake nothing: I kept silece euen from good, and my sorow was more stirred.

3Mine heart was hote within me, and while I was musing, the fire kindeled, and I spake with my tongue, saying,

4Lord, let me know mine ende, and the measure of my dayes, what it is: let mee knowe howe long I haue to liue.

5Beholde, thou hast made my dayes as an hand breadth, and mine age as nothing in respect of thee: surely euery man in his best state is altogether vanitie. Selah.

6Doubtlesse man walketh in a shadowe, and disquieteth himselfe in vaine: he heapeth vp riches, and cannot tell who shall gather them.

7And now Lord, what wait I for? mine hope is euen in thee.

8Deliuer me from all my transgressions, and make me not a rebuke vnto the foolish.

9I should haue bene dumme, and not haue opened my mouth, because thou didest it.

10Take thy plague away from mee: for I am consumed by the stroke of thine hand.

11When thou with rebukes doest chastise man for iniquitie, thou as a mothe makest his beautie to consume: surely euery man is vanitie. Selah.

12Heare my prayer, O Lord, and hearken vnto my cry: keepe not silence at my teares, for I am a strager with thee, and a soiourner as all my fathers.

13Stay thine anger from me, that I may recouer my strength, before I go hence and be not.

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