Psalms 63

1A Psalme of David. When he was in the wildernesse of Judah. O God, thou art my God, earely will I seeke thee: my soule thirsteth for thee: my flesh longeth greatly after thee in a barren and drye land without water.

2Thus I beholde thee as in the Sanctuarie, when I beholde thy power and thy glorie.

3For thy louing kindnesse is better then life: therefore my lippes shall prayse thee.

4Thus will I magnifie thee all my life, and lift vp mine hands in thy name.

5My soule shalbe satisfied, as with marowe and fatnesse, and my mouth shall praise thee with ioyfull lippes,

6When I remember thee on my bedde, and when I thinke vpon thee in the night watches.

7Because thou hast bene mine helper, therefore vnder the shadow of thy wings wil I reioyce.

8My soule cleaueth vnto thee: for thy right hand vpholdeth me.

9Therefore they that seeke my soule to destroy it, they shall goe into the lowest partes of the earth.

10They shall cast him downe with the edge of the sword, and they shall be a portion for foxes.

11But the King shall reioyce in God, and all that sweare by him shall reioyce in him: for the mouth of them that speake lyes, shall be stopped.

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