Psalms 68

1To him that excelleth. A Psalme or song of David. God will arise, and his enemies shalbe scattered: they also that hate him, shall flee before him.

2As the smoke vanisheth, so shalt thou driue them away: and as waxe melteth before the fire, so shall the wicked perish at the presence of God.

3But the righteous shalbe glad, and reioyce before God: yea, they shall leape for ioye.

4Sing vnto God, and sing prayses vnto his name: exalt him that rideth vpon the heauens, in his Name Iah, and reioyce before him.

5He is a Father of the fatherlesse, and a Iudge of the widowes, euen God in his holy habitation.

6God maketh the solitarie to dwell in families, and deliuereth them that were prisoners in stocks: but the rebellious shall dwell in a dry land.

7O God, when thou wentest forth before thy people: when thou wentest through the wildernesse, (Selah)

8The earth shooke, and the heauens dropped at the presence of this God: euen Sinai was moued at the presence of God, euen the God of Israel.

9Thou, O God, sendest a gracious raine vpon thine inheritance, and thou didest refresh it when it was wearie.

10Thy Congregation dwelled therein: for thou, O God, hast of thy goodnesse prepared it for the poore.

11The Lord gaue matter to the women to tell of the great armie.

12Kings of the armies did flee: they did flee, and she that remained in the house, deuided the spoyle.

13Though ye haue lien among pots, yet shall ye be as the winges of a doue that is couered with siluer, and whose fethers are like yelowe golde.

14When the Almightie scattered Kings in it, it was white as the snowe in Zalmon.

15The mountaine of God is like the mountaine of Bashan: it is an high Mountaine, as mount Bashan.

16Why leape ye, ye high mountaines? as for this Mountaine, God deliteth to dwell in it: yea, the Lord will dwell in it for euer.

17The charets of God are twentie thousande thousand Angels, and the Lord is among them, as in the Sanctuarie of Sinai.

18Thou art gone vp on high: thou hast led captiuitie captiue, and receiued giftes for men: yea, euen the rebellious hast thou led, that the Lord God might dwell there.

19Praysed be the Lord, euen the God of our saluation, which ladeth vs dayly with benefites. Selah.

20This is our God, euen the God that saueth vs: and to the Lord God belong the issues of death.

21Surely God will wound the head of his enemies, and the hearie pate of him that walketh in his sinnes.

22The Lord hath sayde, I will bring my people againe from Bashan: I will bring them againe from the depths of the Sea:

23That thy foote may bee dipped in blood, and the tongue of thy dogges in the blood of the enemies, euen in it.

24They haue seene, O God, thy goings, the goings of my God, and my King, which art in the Sanctuarie.

25The singers went before, the players of instruments after: in the middes were the maides playing with timbrels.

26Praise yee God in the assemblies, and the Lord, ye that are of the fountaine of Israel.

27There was litle Beniamin with their ruler, and the princes of Iudah with their assemblie, the princes of Zebulun, and the princes of Naphtali.

28Thy God hath appointed thy strength: stablish, O God, that, which thou hast wrought in vs,

29Out of thy Temple vpon Ierusalem: and Kings shall bring presents vnto thee.

30Destroy the company of the spearemen, and multitude of the mightie bulles with the calues of the people, that tread vnder feete pieces of siluer: scatter the people that delite in warre.

31Then shall the princes come out of Egypt: Ethiopia shall hast to stretche her hands vnto God.

32Sing vnto God, O yee kingdomes of the earth: sing praise vnto the Lord, (Selah)

33To him that rideth vpon ye most high heauens, which were from the beginning: beholde, he will send out by his voice a mightie sound.

34Ascribe the power to God: for his maiestie is vpon Israel, and his strength is in the cloudes.

35O God, thou art terrible out of thine holie places: the God of Israel is hee that giueth strength and power vnto the people: praised be God.

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