Romans 4

1What shall we say then, that Abraham our father hath found concerning the flesh?

2For if Abraham were iustified by workes, he hath wherein to reioyce, but not with God.

3For what saith the Scripture? Abraham beleeued God, and it was counted to him for righteousnesse.

4Nowe to him that worketh, the wages is not counted by fauour, but by dette:

5But to him that worketh not, but beleeueth in him that iustifieth the vngodly, his faith is counted for righteousnesse.

6Euen as Dauid declareth the blessednesse of the man, vnto whom God imputeth righteousnes without workes, saying,

7Blessed are they, whose iniquities are forgiuen, and whose sinnes are couered.

8Blessed is the man, to whom the Lord imputeth not sinne.

9Came this blessednesse then vpon the circumcision onely, or vpon the vncircumcision also? For we say, that faith was imputed vnto Abraham for righteousnesse.

10Howe was it then imputed? when he was circumcised, or vncircumcised? not when he was cricumcised, but when he was vncircumcised.

11After, he receiued the signe of circumcision, as the seale of the righteousnesse of ye faith which he had, when he was vncircumcised, that he should be the father of all them that beleeue, not being circumcised, that righteousnesse might be imputed to them also,

12And the father of circumcision, not vnto them onely which are of the circumcision, but vnto them also that walke in the steppes of the faith of our father Abraham, which he had when he was vncircumcised.

13For the promise that he should be the heire of the worlde, was not giuen to Abraham, or to his seede, through the Lawe, but through the righteousnesse of faith.

14For if they which are of the Lawe, be heires, faith is made voide, and the promise is made of none effect.

15For the Lawe causeth wrath: for where no Lawe is, there is no transgression.

16Therefore it is by faith, that it might come by grace, and the promise might be sure to all the seede, not to that onely which is of the Lawe: but also to that which is of the faith of Abraham, who is the father of vs all,

17(As it is written, I haue made thee a father of many nations) euen before God whom he beleeued, who quickeneth the dead, and calleth those thinges which be not, as though they were.

18Which Abraham aboue hope, beleeued vnder hope, that he should be the father of many nations: according to that which was spoken to him, So shall thy seede be.

19And he not weake in the faith, considered not his owne bodie, which was nowe dead, being almost an hundreth yeere olde, neither the deadnes of Saraes wombe.

20Neither did he doubt of the promise of God through vnbeliefe, but was strengthened in the faith, and gaue glorie to God,

21Being fully assured that he which had promised, was also able to doe it.

22And therefore it was imputed to him for righteousnesse.

23Nowe it is not written for him onely, that it was imputed to him for righteousnesse,

24But also for vs, to whom it shalbe imputed for righteousnesse, which beleeue in him that raised vp Iesus our Lord from the dead,

25Who was deliuered to death for our sinnes, and is risen againe for our iustification.

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