1 Kings 7

1Bvt Salomon was building his owne house thirteene yeeres, and finished all his house.

2He built also an house called the forest of Lebanon, an hundreth cubites long, and fiftie cubites broad, and thirtie cubites hie, vpon foure rowes of cedar pillars, and cedar beames were layed vpon the pillars.

3And it was couered aboue with cedar vpon the beames, that lay on the fourtie and fiue pillars, fifteene in a rowe.

4And the windowes were in three rowes, and windowe was against windowe in three rankes.

5And all the doores, and the side postes with the windowes were foure square, and windowe was ouer against windowe in three rankes.

6And he made a porche of pillars fiftie cubites long, and thirtie cubites broade, and the porch was before them, euen before them were thirtie pillars.

7Then he made a porch for the throne, where he iudged, euen a porch of iudgement, and it was sieled with cedar from pauement to pauement.

8And in his house, where he dwelt, was an other hall more inwarde then the porche which was of the same worke. Also Salomon made an house for Pharaohs daughter ( whom he had taken to wife) like vnto this porche.

9All these were of costly stones, hewed by measure, and sawed with sawes within and without, from the foundation vnto the stones of an hand breadth, and on the outside to the great court.

10And the foundation was of costly stones, and great stones, euen of stones of ten cubites, and stones of eight cubites.

11Aboue also were costly stones, squared by rule, and boardes of cedar.

12And the great court round about was with three rowes of hewed stones, and a rowe of cedar beames: so was it to ye inner court of the house of the Lord, and to the porche of the house.

13Then King Salomon sent, and set one Hiram out of Tyrus.

14He was a widowes sonne of the tribe of Naphtali, his father being a man of Tyrus, and wrought in brasse: he was full of wisedome, and vnderstanding, and knowledge to worke all maner of worke in brasse: who came to King Salomon, and wrought all his worke.

15For he cast two pillars of brasse: ye height of a pillar was eighteene cubites, and a threede of twelue cubites did compasse either of ye pillars.

16And he made two chapiters of molten brasse to set on the tops of the pillars: the height of one of the chapiters was fiue cubites, and the height of the other chapiter was fiue cubites.

17He made grates like networke, and wrethen worke like chaynes for the chapiters that were on the top of the pillars, euen seuen for the one chapiter, and seuen for the other chapiter.

18So he made the pillars and two rowes of pomegranates round about in the one grate to couer the chapiters that were vpon the top. And thus did he for the other chapiter.

19And the chapiters that were on the toppe of the pillars were after lilye worke in ye porch, foure cubites.

20And the chapiters vpon the two pillars had also aboue, ouer against the belly within the networke pomegranates: for two hudreth pomegranates were in the two rankes about vpon either of the chapiters.

21And he set vp the pillars in the porche of the Temple. And when hee had set vp the right pillar, he called the name thereof Iachin: and when he had set vp the left pillar, he called the name thereof Boaz.

22And vpon the top of the pillars was worke of lilyes: so was the workemanship of the pillars finished.

23And he made a molten sea ten cubites wide from brim to brim, rounde in compasse, and fiue cubites hie, and a line of thirtie cubites did compasse it about.

24And vnder the brimme of it were knoppes like wilde cucumers compassing it round about, ten in one cubite, compassing the sea round about: and the two rowes of knoppes were cast, when it was molten.

25It stoode on twelue bulles, three looking towarde the North, and three toward the West, and three toward the South, and three towarde the East: and the sea stoode aboue vpon them, and all their hinder partes were inward.

26It was an hand bredth thicke, and the brim thereof was like the worke of the brim of a cup with floures of lilyes: it contained two thousad Baths.

27And he made tenne bases of brasse, one base was foure cubites long, and foure cubites broad, and three cubites hie.

28And the worke of the bases was on this maner, They had borders, and the borders were betweene the ledges:

29And on the borders that were betweene the ledges, were lyons, bulles and Cherubims: and vpon the ledges there was a base aboue: and beneath the lyons and bulles, were addicions made of thinne worke.

30And euery base had foure brasen wheeles, and plates of brasse: and the foure corners had vndersetters: vnder the caldron were vndersetters molten at the side of euery addicion.

31And the mouth of it was within the chapiter and aboue to measure by the cubite: for the mouth thereof was round made like a base, and it was a cubite and halfe a cubite: and also vpon the mouth thereof were grauen workes, whose borders were foure square, and not round.

32And vnder the borders were foure wheeles, and the axeltrees of the wheeles ioyned to the base: and the height of a wheele was a cubite and halfe a cubite.

33And the facion of the wheeles was like the facion of a charet wheele, their axeltrees, and their naues and their felloes, and their spokes were all molten.

34And foure vndersetters were vpon the foure corners of one base: and the vndersetters thereof were of the base it selfe.

35And in the toppe of the base was a rounde compasse of halfe a cubite hie round about: and vpon the toppe of the base the ledges thereof and the borders thereof were of the same.

36And vpon the tables of the ledges thereof, and on the borders thereof he did graue Cherubims, lions and palmetrees, on the side of euery one, and addicions round about.

37Thus made he the tenne bases, They had all one casting, one measure, and one syse.

38Then made he ten caldrons of brasse, one caldron conteyned fourty Baths: and euery caldron was foure cubites, one caldron was vpon one base throughout the ten bases.

39And he set the bases, fiue on the right side of the house, and fiue on the left side of the house. And he set the sea on the right side of the house Eastward toward the South.

40And Hiram made caldrons, and besomes, and basens, and Hiram finished all the worke that he made to King Salomon for the house of ye Lord:

41To wit, two pillars and two bowles of the chapiters that were on the toppe of the two pillars, and two grates to couer the two bowles of the chapiters which were vpon the toppe of the pillars,

42And foure hundreth pomegranates for the two grates, euen two rowes of pomegranates for euery grate to couer the two bowles of the chapiters, that were vpon the pillars,

43And the ten bases, and ten caldrons vpon the bases,

44And the sea, and twelue bulles vnder that sea,

45And pottes, and besomes and basens: and all these vessels, which Hiram made to King Salomon for the house of the Lord, were of shining brasse.

46In the plaine of Iorden did the King cast them in clay betweene Succoth and Zarthan.

47And Salomon left to weigh all the vessels because of the exceeding aboundance, neyther could the weight of the brasse be counted.

48So Salomon made all the vessels that perteyned vnto the house of the Lord, the golden altar, and the golden table, whereon the shewbread was,

49And the candlestickes, fiue at the right side, and fiue at the left, before the oracle of pure gold, and the flowres, and the lampes, and the snuffers of golde,

50And the bowles, and the hookes, and the basens, and the spoones, and the ashpannes of pure golde, and the hinges of golde for the doores of the house within, euen for the most holy place, and for the doores of the house, to wit, of the Temple.

51So was finished all the worke that King Salomon made for the house of the Lord, and Salomon brought in the things which Dauid his father had dedicated: the siluer and the golde and the vessels, and layed them among the treasures of the house of the Lord.

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