2 Corinthians 2

1Bvt I determined thus in my selfe, that I would not come againe to you in heauinesse.

2For if I make you sorie, who is he then that shoulde make me glad, but ye same which is made sorie by me?

3And I wrote this same thing vnto you, lest when I came, I should take heauines of them, of whom I ought to reioyce: this confidence haue I in you all, that my ioye is the ioye of you all.

4For in great affliction, and anguish of heart I wrote vnto you with many teares: not that yee should be made sorie, but that ye might perceiue the loue which I haue, specially vnto you.

5And if any hath caused sorowe, the same hath not made mee sorie, but partly (lest I should more charge him) you all.

6It is sufficient vnto the same man, that hee was rebuked of many.

7So that nowe contrariwise yee ought rather to forgiue him, and comfort him, lest the same shoulde bee swalowed vp with ouermuch heauinesse.

8Wherefore, I pray you, that you woulde confirme your loue towards him.

9For this cause also did I write, that I might knowe the proofe of you, whether yee would be obedient in all things.

10To whome yee forgiue any thing, I forgiue also: for verely if I forgaue any thing, to whome I forgaue it, for your sakes forgaue I it in the sight of Christ,

11Lest Satan should circumuent vs: for we are not ignorant of his enterprises.

12Furthermore, when I came to Troas to preach Christs Gospell, and a doore was opened vnto me of the Lord,

13I had no rest in my spirit, because I founde not Titus my brother, but tooke my leaue of them, and went away into Macedonia.

14Now thankes be vnto God, which alwaies maketh vs to triumph in Christ, and maketh manifest the sauour of his knowledge by vs in euery place.

15For wee are vnto God the sweete sauour of Christ, in them that are saued, and in them which perish.

16To the one we are the sauour of death, vnto death, and to the other the sauour of life, vnto life: and who is sufficient for these things?

17For wee are not as many, which make marchandise of the woorde of God: but as of sinceritie, but as of God in ye sight of God speake we in Christ.

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