Ezekiel 41

1Afterward, hee brought mee to the Temple, and measured the postes, sixe cubites broade on the one side, and sixe cubites broad on the other side, which was the breadth of the Tabernacle.

2And the breadth of the entrie was tenne cubites, and the sides of the entrie were fiue cubites on the one side, and fiue cubites on the other side, and hee measured the length thereof fourtie cubites, and the breadth twentie cubites.

3Then went hee in, and measured the postes of the entrie two cubites, and the entrie sixe cubites, and the breadth of the entrie seuen cubites.

4So he measured the length thereof twentie cubites, and the breadth twentie cubites before the Temple. And he sayde vnto mee, This is the most holy place.

5After, he measured the wall of the house, sixe cubites, and the breadth of euery chamber foure cubites rounde about the house, on euery side.

6And the chambers were chamber vpon chaber, three and thirtie foote high, and they entred into the wall made for the chambers which was round about the house, that the postes might bee fastened therein, and not be fastened in the wall of the house.

7And it was large and went rounde mounting vpwarde to the chambers: for the staire of the house was mounting vpwarde, rounde about the house: therefore the house was larger vpward: so they went vp from the lowest chamber to the highest by the middes.

8I sawe also the house hie rounde about: the foundations of the chambers were a full reede of fixe great cubites.

9The thickenesse of the wall which was for the chamber without, was fiue cubites, and that which remained, was the place of the chambers that were within.

10And betweene the chambers was the widenes of twentie cubites round about the House on euery side.

11And the doores of the chambers were toward the place that remained, one doore toward the North, and another doore toward the South, and the breadth of the place that remained, was fiue cubites round about.

12Nowe the building that was before the separate place toward the West corner, was seuentie cubites broad, and the wall of the building was fiue cubites thick, round about, and ye length ninetie cubites.

13So he measured the house an hundreth cubites long, and the separate place and the building with the walles thereof were an hundreth cubites long.

14Also the breadth of the forefront of the house and of the separate place towarde the East, was an hundreth cubites.

15And hee measured the length of the building, ouer against the separate place, which was behinde it, and the chambers on the one side and on the other side an hundreth cubites with the Temple within, and the arches of the court.

16The postes and the narowe windowes, and the chambers round about, on three sides ouer against the postes, sieled with cedar wood rounde about, and from the ground vp to the windowes, and the windowes were sieled.

17And from aboue the doore vnto the inner house and without, and by all the wall rounde about within and without it was sieled according to the measure.

18And it was made with Cherubims and palme trees, so that a palme tree was betweene a Cherub and a Cherub: and euery Cherub had two faces.

19So that the face of a man was towarde the palme tree on the one side, and the face of a lyon toward the palme tree on the other side: thus was it made through all the house round about.

20From the grounde vnto aboue the doore were Cherubims and palme trees made as in the wall of the Temple.

21The postes of the Temple were squared, and thus to looke vnto was the similitude and forme of the Sanctuarie.

22The altar of wood was three cubites hie, and the length thereof two cubites, and the corners thereof and the length thereof and the sides thereof were of wood. And he sayd vnto me, This is the table that shalbe before the Lord.

23And the Temple and the Sanctuarie had two doores.

24And the doores had two wickets, euen two turning wickets, two wickets for one doore, and two wickets for another doore.

25And vpon the doores of the Temple there were made Cherubims and palmetrees, like as was made vpon the walles, and there were thicke plankes vpon the forefront of the porch without.

26And there were narow windowes and palme trees on the one side, and on the other side, by the sides of the porch, and vpon ye sides of the house, and thicke plankes.

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