Hosea 7

1When I woulde haue healed Israel, then the iniquitie of Ephraim was discouered, and the wickednesse of Samaria: for they haue dealt falsly: and the theefe commeth in, and the robber spoyleth without.

2And they consider not in their hearts, that I remember all their wickednes: now their owne inuentions haue beset them about: they are in my sight.

3They make the King glad with their wickednesse, and the princes with their lies.

4They are all adulterers, and as a very ouen heated by ye baker, which ceaseth from raysing vp, and from kneading ye dough vntill it be leauened.

5This is the day of our King: the princes haue made him sicke with flagons of wine: he stretcheth out his hand to scorners.

6For they haue made ready their heart like an ouen whiles they lie in waite: their baker sleepeth all the night: in the morning it burneth as a flame of fire.

7They are all hote as an ouen, and haue deuoured their iudges: all their Kings are fallen: there is none among them that calleth vnto me.

8Ephraim hath mixt himselfe among the people. Ephraim is as a cake on the hearth not turned.

9Strangers haue deuoured his strength, and he knoweth it not: yea, gray heares are here and there vpon him, yet he knoweth not.

10And the pride of Israel testifieth to his face, and they doe not returne to the Lord their God, nor seeke him for all this.

11Ephraim also is like a doue deceiued, without heart: they call to Egypt: they go to Asshur.

12But when they shall go, I will spred my net vpon them, and drawe them downe as the foules of the heauen: I will chastice them as their congregation hath heard.

13Wo vnto them: for they haue fled away from me: destruction shalbe vnto them, because they haue transgressed against me: though I haue redeemed them, yet they haue spoken lyes against me.

14And they haue not cryed vnto me with their hearts, when they houled vpon their beds: they assembled themselues for corne, and wine, and they rebell against me.

15Though I haue boud and strengthened their arme, yet doe they imagine mischiefe against me.

16They returne, but not to the most high: they are like a deceitfull bowe: their princes shall fall by the sword, for the rage of their tongues: this shall be their derision in the land of Egypt.

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