Isaiah 31

1Woe vnto them that goe downe into Egypt for helpe, and stay vpon horses, and trust in charets, because they are many, and in horsemen, because they be very strong: but they looke not vnto the holy one of Israel, nor seeke vnto the Lord.

2But he yet is wisest: therefore he wil bring euill, and not turne backe his worde, but he will arise against the house of the wicked, and against the helpe of them that worke vanitie.

3Now the Egyptians are men, and not God, and their horses flesh and not spirite: and when the Lord shall stretch out his hand, the helper shall fall, and hee that is holpen shall fall, and they shall altogether faile.

4For thus hath the Lord spoken vnto me, As the lyon or lyons whelpe roareth vpon his praye, against whom if a multitude of shepheards be called, hee will not be afraide at their voyce, neither will humble him selfe at their noise: so shall the Lord of hostes come downe to fight for mount Zion, and for the hill thereof.

5As birds that flie, so shall the Lord of hostes defend Ierusalem by defending and deliuering, by passing through and preseruing it.

6O ye children of Israel, turne againe, in as much as ye are sunken deepe in rebellion.

7For in that day euery man shall cast out his idoles of siluer, and his idoles of golde, which your handes haue made you, euen a sinne.

8Then shall Asshur fall by the sworde, not of man, neither shall the sworde of man deuoure him, and hee shall flee from the sworde, and his yong men shall faint.

9And he shall go for feare to his towre, and his princes shall be afraide of the standart, sayeth the Lord, whose fire is in Zion, and his fornace in Ierusalem.

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