Jeremiah 30

1The worde, that came to Ieremiah from the Lord, saying,

2Thus speaketh the Lord God of Israel, saying, Write thee all the wordes, that I haue spoken vnto thee in a booke.

3For loe, the dayes come, saith the Lord, that I wil bring againe the captiuitie of my people Israel and Iudah, saith the Lord: for I will restore them vnto the lande, that I gaue to their fathers, and they shall possesse it.

4Againe, these are the wordes that the Lord spake concerning Israel, and concerning Iudah.

5For thus saith the Lord, wee haue heard a terrible voyce, of feare and not of peace.

6Demand now and beholde, if man trauayle with childe? wherefore doe I beholde euery man with his hands on his loynes as a woman in trauaile, and all faces are turned into a palenesse?

7Alas, for this day is great: none hath bene like it: it is euen the time of Iaakobs trouble, yet shall he be deliuered from it.

8For in that day, sayth the Lord of hostes, I will breake his yoke from off thy necke, and breake thy bondes, and strangers shall no more serue themselues of him.

9But they shall serue the Lord their God, and Dauid their King, whom I will raise vp vnto them.

10Therefore feare not, O my seruant Iaakob, saith the Lord, neither be afrayde, O Israel: for loe, I will deliuer thee from a farre countrey, and thy seede from the lande of their captiuitie, and Iaakob shall turne againe, and shalbe in rest and prosperitie and none shall make him afraide.

11For I am with thee, sayth the Lord, to saue thee: though I vtterly destroy all the nations where I haue scattered thee, yet will I not vtterly destroy thee, but I will correct thee by iudgement, and not vtterly cut thee off.

12For thus saith the Lord, Thy bruising is incurable, and thy wound is dolorous.

13There is none to iudge thy cause, or to lay a plaister: there are no medicines, nor help for thee.

14All thy louers haue forgotten thee: they seeke thee not: for I haue striken thee with the wound of an enemie, and with a sharpe chastisement for ye multitude of thine iniquities, because thy sinnes were increased.

15Why cryest thou for thine affliction? thy sorowe is incurable, for the multitude of thine iniquities: because thy sinnes were increased, I haue done these things vnto thee.

16Therefore all they that deuoure thee, shall be deuoured, and all thine enemies euery one shall goe into captiuitie: and they that spoyle thee, shalbe spoyled, and all they that robbe thee, wil I giue to be robbed.

17For I will restore health vnto thee, and I will heale thee of thy woundes, saith the Lord, because they called thee, The cast away, saying, This is Zion, whom no man seeketh after.

18Thus saith the Lord, Beholde, I will bring againe the captiuitie of Iaakobs tentes, and haue compassion on his dwelling places: and the citie shalbe builded vpon her owne heape, and the palace shall remaine after the maner thereof.

19And out of them shall proceede thankesgiuing, and the voyce of them that are ioyous, and I will multiplie them, and they shall not bee fewe: I will also glorifie them, and they shall not be diminished.

20Their children also shall be as afore time, and their congregation shall be established before me: and I will visite all that vexe them.

21And their noble ruler shall be of themselues, and their gouernour shall proceede from the middes of them, and I will cause him to draw neere, and approche vnto me: for who is this that directeth his heart to come vnto mee, saith the Lord?

22And ye shall be my people, and I will bee your God.

23Beholde, the tempest of the Lord goeth foorth with wrath: the whirlewinde that hangeth ouer, shall light vpon the head of the wicked.

24The fierce wrath of the Lord shall not returne, vntill he haue done, and vntill he haue performed the intents of his heart: in the latter dayes ye shall vnderstand it.

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