Luke 15

1Then resorted vnto him all the Publicanes and sinners, to heare him.

2Therefore the Pharises and Scribes murmured, saying, Hee receiueth sinners, and eateth with them.

3Then spake hee this parable to them, saying,

4What man of you hauing an hundreth sheepe, if hee lose one of them, doeth not leaue ninetie and nine in the wildernesse, and goe after that which is lost, vntill he finde it?

5And when he hath found it, he laieth it on his shoulders with ioye.

6And when he commeth home, he calleth together his friendes and neighbours, saying vnto them, Reioyce with mee: for I haue founde my sheepe which was lost.

7I say vnto you, that likewise ioy shall be in heauen for one sinner that conuerteth, more then for ninetie and nine iust men, which neede none amendment of life.

8Either what woman hauing ten groates, if she lose one groate, doth not light a candle, and sweepe the house, and seeke diligently till shee finde it?

9And when shee hath found it, shee calleth her friendes, and neighbours, saying, Reioyce with me: for I haue found the groate which I had lost.

10Likewise I say vnto you, there is ioy in the presence of the Angels of God, for one sinner that conuerteth.

11He sayde moreouer, A certaine man had two sonnes.

12And the yonger of them sayde to his father, Father, giue mee the portion of the goods that falleth to mee. So he deuided vnto them his substance.

13So not many daies after, when the yonger sonne had gathered all together, hee tooke his iourney into a farre countrey, and there hee wasted his goods with riotous liuing.

14Nowe when hee had spent all, there arose a great dearth throughout that land, and he began to be in necessitie.

15Then hee went and claue to a citizen of that conntrey, and hee sent him to his farme, to feede swine.

16And hee would faine haue filled his bellie with the huskes, that the swine ate: but no man gaue them him.

17Then he came to him selfe, and said, Howe many hired seruaunts at my fathers haue bread ynough, and I die for hunger?

18I wil rise and goe to my father, and say vnto him, Father, I haue sinned against heaue, and before thee,

19And am no more worthy to be called thy sonne: make me as one of thy hired seruants.

20So hee arose and came to his father, and when hee was yet a great way off, his father sawe him, and had compassion, and ranne and fell on his necke, and kissed him.

21And the sonne sayde vnto him, Father, I haue sinned against heauen, and before thee, and am no more worthie to be called thy sonne.

22Then the father said to his seruaunts, Bring foorth the best robe, and put it on him, and put a ring on his hand, and shoes on his feete,

23And bring the fat calfe, and kill him, and let vs eate, and be merie:

24For this my sonne was dead, and is aliue againe: and he was lost, but he is found. And they began to be merie.

25Nowe the elder brother was in the fielde, and when he came and drewe neere to the house, he heard melodie, and dauncing,

26And called one of his seruaunts, and asked what those things meant.

27And hee sayde vnto him, Thy brother is come, and thy father hath killed the fatte calfe, because he hath receiued him safe and sound.

28Then he was angry, and would not goe in: therefore came his father out and entreated him.

29But he answered and said to his father, Loe, these many yeeres haue I done thee seruice, neither brake I at any time thy commadement, and yet thou neuer gauest mee a kidde that I might make merie with my friends.

30But when this thy sonne was come, which hath deuoured thy good with harlots, thou hast for his sake killed the fat calfe.

31And he said vnto him, Sonne, thou art euer with me, and al that I haue, is thine. It was meete that we shoulde make merie, and be glad: for this thy brother was dead, and is aliue againe: and hee was lost, but he is found.

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