Numbers 30

1Then Moses spake vnto the children of Israel according to all that the Lord had commanded him,

2Moses also spake vnto the heads of ye tribes concerning the children of Israel, saying, This is the thing which the Lord hath commanded,

3Whosoeuer voweth a vow vnto the Lord, or sweareth an othe to binde him selfe by a bonde, he shall not breake his promise, but shall do according to al that proceedeth out of his mouth.

4If a woman also vow a vow vnto the Lord, and binde her selfe by a bonde, being in her fathers house, in the time of her youth,

5And her father heare her vowe and bonde, wherewith she hath bound her selfe, and her father hold his peace concerning her, then all her vowes shall stande, and euery bonde, wherewith she hath bound her selfe, shall stand.

6But if her father disallow her the same day that he heareth all her vowes and bondes, wherewith she hath bound her selfe, they shall not bee of value, and the Lord will forgiue her, because her father disallowed her.

7And if she haue an husband when she voweth or pronounceth ought with her lips, wherewith she bindeth her selfe,

8If her husband heard it, and holdeth his peace concerning her, the same day he heareth it, then her vowe shall stande, and her bondes wherewith she bindeth her selfe shall stand in effect.

9But if her husband disallow her the same day that hee heareth it, then shall hee make her vowe which shee hath made, and that that shee hath pronounced with her lips, wherewith shee bound her selfe, of none effect: and the Lord will forgiue her.

10But euery vowe of a widowe, and of her that is diuorced (wherewith she hath bound her selfe) shall stand in effect with her.

11And if she vowed in her husbands house, or bound her selfe streightly with an othe,

12And her husband hath heard it, and helde his peace cocerning her, not disalowing her, then all her vowes shall stand, and euery bond, wherewith she bound her selfe, shall stand in effect.

13But if her husband disanulled them, the same day that he heard them, nothing that proceeded out of her lippes concerning her vowes or concerning her bondes, shall stand in effect: for her husband hath disanulled them: and the Lord will forgiue her.

14So euery vowe, and euery othe or bonde, made to humble the soule, her husband may stablish it, or her husband may breake it.

15But if her husband holde his peace concerning her from day to day, then he stablisheth al her vowes and all her bondes which shee hath made: hee hath confirmed them because he held his peace concerning her the same day that hee hearde them.

16But if he breake them after that he hath heard them, then shall he beare her iniquitie.

These are the ordinances which the Lord commanded Moses, betweene a man and his wife, and betweene the father and his daughter, being young in her fathers house.

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