Proverbs 13

1A wise sonne will obey the instruction of his father: but a scorner will heare no rebuke.

2A man shall eate good things by the fruite of his mouth: but the soule of the trespassers shall suffer violence.

3Hee that keepeth his mouth, keepeth his life: but he that openeth his lips, destruction shall be to him.

4The sluggard lusteth, but his soule hath nought: but the soule of the diligent shall haue plentie.

5A righteous man hateth lying wordes: but the wicked causeth slander and shame.

6Righteousnesse preserueth the vpright of life: but wickednes ouerthroweth the sinner.

7There is that maketh himselfe riche, and hath nothing, and that maketh himselfe poore, hauing great riches.

8A man will giue his riches for the ransome of his life: but the poore cannot heare ye reproch.

9The light of the righteous reioyceth: but the candle of the wicked shall be put out.

10Onely by pride doeth man make contention: but with the well aduised is wisdome.

11The riches of vanitie shall diminish: but he that gathereth with the hand, shall increase them.

12The hope that is deferred, is the fainting of the heart: but when the desire commeth, it is as a tree of life.

13He that despiseth the worde, hee shall be destroyed: but hee that feareth the commandement he shalbe rewarded.

14The instruction of a wise man is as the welspring of life, to turne away from the snares of death.

15Good vnderstanding maketh acceptable: but the way of the disobedient is hated.

16Euery wise man will worke by knowledge: but a foole will spread abroade folly.

17A wicked messenger falleth into euill: but a faithfull ambassadour is preseruation.

18Pouertie and shame is to him that refuseth instruction: but hee that regardeth correction, shalbe honoured.

19A desire accomplished deliteth ye soule: but it is an abomination to fooles to depart from euil.

20He that walketh with the wise, shalbe wise: but a companion of fooles shalbe afflicted.

21Affliction followeth sinners: but vnto the righteous God will recompense good.

22The good man shall giue inheritance vnto his childrens children: and the riches of the sinner is layde vp for the iust.

23Much foode is in the fielde of the poore: but the fielde is destroyed without discretion.

24He that spareth his rodde, hateth his sonne: but he that loueth him, chasteneth him betime.

25The righteous eateth to the contentation of his minde: but the belly of the wicked shall want.

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