Psalms 115

1Not vnto vs, O Lord, not vnto vs, but vnto thy Name giue the glorie, for thy louing mercie and for thy truethes sake.

2Wherefore shall the heathen say, Where is nowe their God?

3But our God is in heauen: he doeth what so euer he will.

4Their idoles are siluer and golde, euen the worke of mens hands.

5They haue a mouth and speake not: they haue eyes and see not.

6They haue eares and heare not: they haue noses and smelll not.

7They haue handes and touche not: they haue feete and walke not: neither make they a sound with their throte.

8They that make them are like vnto them: so are all that trust in them.

9O Israel, trust thou in the Lord: for he is their helpe and their shielde.

10O house of Aaron, trust ye in the Lord: for he is their helpe and their shielde.

11Ye that feare the Lord, trust in the Lord: for he is their helper and their shield.

12The Lord hath bene mindfull of vs: he will blesse, he will blesse the house of Israel, he will blesse the house of Aaron.

13He will blesse them that feare the Lord, both small and great.

14The Lord will increase his graces towarde you, euen toward you and toward your children.

15Ye are blessed of the Lord, which made the heauen and the earth.

16The heauens, euen the heauens are the Lordes: but he hath giuen the earth to the sonnes of men.

17The dead prayse not the Lord, neither any that goe downe into the place of silence.

18But we will prayse the Lord from henceforth and for euer. Prayse ye the Lord.

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