Psalms 28

1A Psalme of David. Unto thee, O Lord, doe I crie: O my strength, be not deafe toward mee, lest, if thou answere me not, I be like them that goe downe into the pit.

2Heare the voyce of my petitions, when I crie vnto thee, when I holde vp mine handes towarde thine holy Oracle.

3Drawe mee not away with the wicked, and with the woorkers of iniquitie: which speake friendly to their neighbours, when malice is in their hearts.

4Reward them according to their deedes, and according to the wickednes of their inuentions: recompense them after the woorke of their handes: render them their reward.

5For they regarde not the woorkes of the Lord, nor the operation of his handes: therefore breake them downe, and builde them not vp.

6Praised be the Lord, for he hath heard the voyce of my petitions.

7The Lord is my strength and my shielde: mine heart trusted in him, and I was helped: therfore mine heart shall reioyce, and with my song will I praise him.

8The Lord is their strength, and he is the strength of the deliuerances of his anointed.

9Saue thy people, and blesse thine inheritance: feede them also, and exalt them for euer.

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