Psalms 37

1A Psalme of David. Fret not thy selfe because of the wicked men, neither be enuious for the euill doers.

2For they shall soone bee cut downe like grasse, and shall wither as the greene herbe.

3Trust thou in the Lord and do good: dwell in the land, and thou shalt be fed assuredly.

4And delite thy selfe in the Lord, and hee shall giue thee thine hearts desire.

5Commit thy way vnto the Lord, and trust in him, and he shall bring it to passe.

6And he shall bring foorth thy righteousnes as the light, and thy iudgement as the noone day.

7Waite patiently vpon the Lord and hope in him: fret not thy selfe for him which prospereth in his way: nor for the man that bringeth his enterprises to passe.

8Cease from anger, and leaue off wrath: fret not thy selfe also to doe euill.

9For euill doers shalbe cut off, and they that wait vpon the Lord, they shall inherite the land.

10Therefore yet a litle while, and the wicked shall not appeare, and thou shalt looke after his place, and he shall not be found.

11But meeke men shall possesse the earth, and shall haue their delite in the multitude of peace.

12The wicked practiseth against the iust, and gnasheth his teeth against him.

13But the Lord shall laugh him to scorne: for he seeth, that his day is comming.

14The wicked haue drawen their sworde, and haue bent their bowe, to cast downe the poore and needie, and to slay such as be of vpright conuersation.

15But their sword shall enter into their owne heart, and their bowes shalbe broken.

16A small thing vnto the iust man is better, then great riches to the wicked and mightie.

17For the armes of the wicked shall be broken: but the Lord vpholdeth the iust men.

18The Lord knoweth the dayes of vpright men, and their inheritance shall bee perpetuall.

19They shall not be confounded in the perilous time, and in the daies of famine they shall haue ynough.

20But the wicked shall perish, and the enemies of the Lord shall be consumed as the fatte of lambes: euen with the smoke shall they consume away.

21The wicked boroweth and payeth not againe. but the righteous is mercifull, and giueth.

22For such as be blessed of God, shall inherite the lande, and they that be cursed of him, shalbe cut off.

23The pathes of man are directed by the Lord: for he loueth his way.

24Though he fall, hee shall not be cast off: for the Lord putteth vnder his hand.

25I haue beene yong, and am olde: yet I sawe neuer the righteous forsaken, nor his seede begging bread.

26But hee is euer mercifull and lendeth, and his seede enioyeth the blessing.

27Flee from euill and doe good, and dwell for euer.

28For the Lord loueth iudgement, and forsaketh not his Saintes: they shall be preserued for euermore: but the seede of the wicked shall be cut off.

29The righteous men shall inherit the lande, and dwell therein for euer.

30The mouth of the righteous will speake of wisedome, and his tongue will talke of iudgement.

31For the Lawe of his God is in his heart, and his steppes shall not slide.

32The wicked watcheth the righteous, and seeketh to slay him.

33But the Lord wil not leaue him in his hand, nor condemne him, when he is iudged.

34Waite thou on the Lord, and keepe his way, and he shall exalt thee, that thou shalt inherite the lande: when the wicked men shall perish, thou shalt see.

35I haue seene the wicked strong, and spreading himselfe like a greene bay tree.

36Yet he passed away, and loe, he was gone, and I sought him, but he could not be founde.

37Marke the vpright man, and beholde the iust: for the end of that man is peace.

38But the transgressours shall be destroyed together, and the ende of the wicked shall bee cut off.

39But the saluation of the righteous men shalbe of the Lord: he shalbe their strength in the time of trouble.

40For the Lord shall helpe them, and deliuer them: he shall deliuer them from the wicked, and shall saue them, because they trust in him.

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