1 Chronicles 23

The Divisions of the Levites

1When David was old and full of days, a he installed his son Solomon as king over Israel. b 2Then he gathered all the leaders of Israel, the priests, and the Levites. 3The Levites 30 years old or more were counted; c the total number of men was 38,000 by headcount. d 4 “Of these,” David said, “24,000 are to be in charge of the work on the Lord’s temple, e 6,000 are to be officers and judges, f 54,000 are to be gatekeepers, and 4,000 are to praise the Lord with the instruments that I have made for worship.” g

6Then David divided them into divisions according to Levi’s sons: h Gershom,
Lit Gershon
Kohath, and Merari.

7 The Gershonites: Ladan and Shimei.
8 Ladan’s sons: Jehiel was the first, then Zetham, and Joel – three.
9 Shimei’s sons: Shelomoth, Haziel, and Haran – three. Those were the heads of the families of Ladan.
10 Shimei’s sons: Jahath, Zizah,
LXX, Vg; MT reads Zina
Jeush, and Beriah. Those were Shimei’s sons – four.
11 Jahath was the first and Zizah was the second; however, Jeush and Beriah did not have many sons, so they became an ancestral house and received a single assignment.
12 Kohath’s sons: Amram, Izhar, Hebron, and Uzziel – four.
13 Amram’s sons: k Aaron and Moses.

Aaron, along with his descendants, l was set apart forever to consecrate the most holy things, to burn incense in the presence of
Yahweh/Yah: Or The Lord; the personal name of God in Hebrew; "Yah" is the shortened form of the name.
Yahweh, n to minister to Him, and to pronounce blessings in His name forever.
14As for Moses the man of God, o his sons were named among the tribe of Levi.

15 Moses’ sons: Gershom and Eliezer.
16 Gershom’s sons: Shebuel was first.
17 Eliezer’s sons were Rehabiah, first; Eliezer did not have any other sons, but Rehabiah’s sons were very numerous.
18 Izhar’s sons: Shelomith was first.
19 Hebron’s sons: Jeriah was first, Amariah second, Jahaziel third, and Jekameam fourth.
20 Uzziel’s sons: Micah was first, and Isshiah second.
21 Merari’s sons: Mahli and Mushi.
Mahli’s sons: Eleazar and Kish.
22 Eleazar died having no sons, only daughters. Their cousins, the sons of Kish, married them.
23 Mushi’s sons: Mahli, Eder, and Jeremoth – three.

24 These were the sons of Levi by their ancestral houses – the heads of families, according to their registration by name in the headcount – 20 years old or more, who worked in the service of the Lord’s temple. p 25 For David said, “The Lord God of Israel has given rest to His people, q and He has come to stay in Jerusalem forever. 26 Also, the Levites no longer need to carry the tabernacle or any of the equipment for its servicer 27 for according to the last words of David, the Levites 20 years old or more were to be counted 28 “but their duty will be to assist the sons of Aaron with the service of the Lord’s temple, being responsible for the courts and the chambers, the purification of all the holy things, and the work of the service of God’s temple 29as well as the rows of the
Bread of the Presence: Literally bread of presentation; 12 loaves, representing the 12 tribes of Israel, put on the table in the holy place in the tabernacle, and later in the temple. The priests ate the previous week's loaves; Ex 25:30; 29:32; Lv 24:5-9.
bread of the Presence, t the fine flour for the
grain offering(s): An offering given along with animal sacrifices or given by itself. A portion was burnt and the priests and participant ate the remainder.
grain offering, v the wafers of unleavened bread, the baking,
Lit the griddle
x the mixing, y and all measurements of volume and length. z
30They are also to stand every morning to give thanks and praise to the Lord, and likewise in the evening. 31 Whenever
burnt offering(s): Or holocaust, an offering completely burned to ashes; it was used in connection with worship, seeking God's favor, expiating sin, or averting judgment.
burnt offerings are offered to the Lord on the Sabbaths, New Moons, ab and appointed festivals, they are to do so regularly in the Lord’s presence according to the number prescribed for them. ac
32They are to carry out their responsibilities for the tent of meeting, for the holy place, ad and for their relatives, the sons of Aaron, ae in the service of the Lord’s temple.”
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