1 Kings 8

Solomon’s Dedication of the Temple

1At that time Solomon assembled the elders a of Israel, b all the tribal heads c and the ancestral leaders of the Israelites before him at Jerusalem in order to bring the ark of the Lord’s covenant from the city of David, d that is
Zion: Originally a term for the fortified section of Jerusalem and then, by extension, used for the temple and the city of Jerusalem both in the present time and in the future
Zion. f
2So all the men of Israel were assembled in the presence of King Solomon in the seventh month, the month of Ethanim,
= September-October
at the festival. h

3 All the elders i of Israel came, and the priests j picked up the ark. k 4The priests and the Levites brought the ark of the Lord, the tent of meeting, l and the holy utensils that were in the tent. m 5 King Solomon and the entire congregation of Israel, who had gathered around him and were with him in front of the ark, were sacrificing sheep and cattle that could not be counted or numbered, because there were so many. n 6The priests brought the ark of the Lord’s covenant to its place, into the inner sanctuary of the temple, to the most holy place o beneath the wings of the
cherubim: A class of winged angels, associated with the throne of God, who function as guardians and who prevented Adam and Eve from returning to the garden of Eden
7 For the cherubim were spreading their wings over
LXX; MT reads toward
the place of the ark, so that the cherubim covered the ark and its poles from above. r
8The poles were so long that their ends were seen from the holy place in front of the inner sanctuary, but they were not seen from outside the sanctuary; they are there to this day. s 9 Nothing was in the ark except the two stone tablets that Moses had put there at Horeb,
= Sinai
u where the Lord made a covenant with the Israelites when they came out of the land of Egypt. v

10When the priests came out of the holy place, the cloud filled the Lord’s temple, w 11and because of the cloud, the priests were not able to continue ministering, for the glory x of the Lord filled the temple.

12 Then Solomon said:

The Lord said that He would dwell in thick darkness. y
13 I have indeed built an exalted temple z for You,
a place for Your dwelling forever. aa

14The king turned around and blessed ab the entire congregation of Israel while they were standing. 15He said:

May the Lord God of Israel be praised!
He spoke directly to my father David,
and He has fulfilled the promise ac by His power.
He said,
16 “Since the day I brought My people Israel out of Egypt, ad
I have not chosen a city to build a temple in
among any of the tribes of Israel,
so that My name ae would be there.
But I have chosen David to rule My people Israel.” af
17 It was in the desire of my father David
to build a temple for the name of
Yahweh/Yah: Or The Lord; the personal name of God in Hebrew; "Yah" is the shortened form of the name.
Yahweh, the God of Israel. ah
18 But the Lord said to my father David,
“Since it was your desire to build a temple for My name,
you have done well to have this desire. ai
19 Yet you are not the one to build it;
instead, your son, your own offspring,
will build it for My name.” aj
20 The Lord has fulfilled what He promised.
I have taken the place of my father David, ak
and I sit on the throne of Israel, as the Lord promised. al
I have built the temple for the name of Yahweh, the God of Israel.
21 I have provided a place there for the ark,
where the Lord’s covenant is
that He made with our ancestors
when He brought them out of the land of Egypt. am

Solomon’s Prayer

22 Then Solomon stood an before the altar of the Lord in front of the entire congregation of Israel and spread out his hands toward heaven. ao 23He said:

Lord God of Israel,
there is no God like You
in heaven above or on earth below, ap
keeping the gracious covenant
with Your servants who walk before You
with their whole heart. aq
24 You have kept what You promised
to Your servant, my father David.
You spoke directly to him
and You fulfilled Your promise by Your power
as it is today. ar
25 Therefore, Lord God of Israel,
keep what You promised
to Your servant, my father David:
You will never fail to have a man
to sit before Me on the throne of Israel, as
if only your sons guard their walk before Me
as you have walked before Me. at
26 Now Lord
Some Hb mss, LXX, Syr, Tg, Vg, 2Ch 6:16; other Hb mss omit Lord
God of Israel,
please confirm what You promised
to Your servant, my father David. av

27 But will God indeed live on earth?
Even heaven, the highest heaven, cannot contain You,
much less this temple I have built. aw
28 Listen
Lit Turn
to Your servant’s prayer and his petition, ay
Lord my God,
so that You may hear the cry and the prayer
that Your servant prays before You today,
29 so that Your eyes may watch over this temple night and day, az
toward the place where You said:
My name will be there, ba
and so that You may hear the prayer
that Your servant prays toward this place.
30 Hear the petition of Your servant bb
and Your people Israel,
which they pray toward this place. bc
May You hear in Your dwelling place in heaven.
May You hear and forgive.

31 When a man sins against his neighbor
and is forced to take an oath,
Lit and he lifts a curse against him to curse him
and he comes to take an oath
before Your altar in this temple,
32 may You hear in heaven and act.
May You judge Your servants,
condemning the wicked man by bringing
what he has done on his own head
and providing justice for the righteous
by rewarding him according to his righteousness. bf

33 When Your people Israel are defeated before an enemy,
because they have sinned against You, bg
and they return to You and praise Your name,
and they pray and plead with You
for mercy in this temple,
34 may You hear in heaven
and forgive the sin of Your people Israel.
May You restore them to the land
You gave their ancestors. bh

35 When the skies are shut and there is no rain,
because they have sinned against You, bi
and they pray toward this place
and praise Your name,
and they turn from their sins
because You are afflicting them, bj
36 may You hear in heaven
and forgive the sin of Your servants
and Your people Israel,
so that You may teach them the good way
they should walk in. bk
May You send rain on Your land
that You gave Your people for an inheritance. bl

37 When there is famine on the earth,
when there is pestilence,
when there is blight, mildew, locust, or grasshopper, bm
when their enemy besieges them
in the region of their fortified cities,
Lit besieges him in the land of his gates

when there is any plague or illness,
38 whatever prayer or petition
anyone from Your people Israel might have
each man knowing his own afflictions
Lit knowing in his heart of a plague
and spreading out his hands toward this temple bq
39 may You hear in heaven, Your dwelling place,
and may You forgive, act, and repay the man,
according to all his ways, since You know his heart,
for You alone know every human heart, br
40 so that they may
fear(s) God or the Lord/ the fear of the Lord: No single English word conveys every aspect of the word fear in this phrase. The meaning includes worshipful submission, reverential awe, and obedient respect to the covenant-keeping God of Israel.
fear bt You
all the days they live on the land bu
You gave our ancestors.

41 Even for the foreigner who is not of Your people Israel
but has come from a distant land bv
because of Your name
42 for they will hear of Your great name,
mighty hand, bw and outstretched arm,
and will come bx and pray toward this temple
43 may You hear in heaven, Your dwelling place,
and do according to all the foreigner asks You for.
Then all the people on earth will know by Your name,
to fear You as Your people Israel do
and know that this temple I have built
is called by Your name.

44 When Your people go out to fight against their enemies,
Some Hb mss, some ancient versions, 2Ch 6:34; other Hb mss read enemy

wherever You send them,
and they pray to Yahweh
in the direction of the city You have chosen ca
and the temple I have built for Your name,
45 may You hear their prayer and petition in heaven
and uphold their cause. cb

46 When they sin against You –
for there is no one who does not sin cc
and You are angry with them
and hand them over to the enemy,
and their captors deport them to the enemy’s country cd
whether distant or nearby
47 and when they come to their senses
Lit they return to their heart

in the land where they were deported
and repent and petition You in their captors’ land:
“We have sinned and done wrong;
we have been wicked,” cf
48 and when they return to You with their whole mind and heart
in the land of their enemies who took them captive, cg
and when they pray to You in the direction of their land
that You gave their ancestors,
the city You have chosen, ch
and the temple I have built for Your name,
49 may You hear in heaven, Your dwelling place,
their prayer and petition and uphold their cause.
50 May You forgive Your people
who sinned against You
and all their rebellions
Lit rebellions that they have rebelled
against You,
and may You give them compassion
in the eyes of their captors,
so that they may be compassionate to them. cj
51 For they are Your people and Your inheritance; ck
You brought them out of Egypt,
out of the middle of an iron furnace. cl
52 May Your eyes be open to Your servant’s petition
and to the petition of Your people Israel,
listening to them whenever they call to You.
53 For You, Lord God, have set them apart as Your inheritance
from all the people on earth,
as You spoke through Your servant Moses
when You brought their ancestors out of Egypt. cm

Solomon’s Blessing

54 When Solomon finished praying this entire prayer and petition to the Lord, he got up from kneeling before the altar of the Lord, with his hands spread out toward heaven, cn 55and he stood and blessed the whole congregation of Israel co with a loud voice: 56“May the Lord be praised! He has given rest cp to His people Israel according to all He has said. Not one of all the good promises He made through His servant Moses has failed. cq 57May the Lord our God be with us as He was with our ancestors. May He not abandon us or leave us cr 58so that He causes us to be devoted
Lit causes our hearts to be inclined
to Him, ct to walk in all His ways, and to keep His commands, statutes, and ordinances, which He commanded our ancestors.
59May my words I have made my petition with before the Lord be near the Lord our God day and night, so that He may uphold His servant’s cause and the cause of His people Israel, as each day requires, cu 60and so that all the peoples of the earth may know that Yahweh is God. There is no other! cv 61Let your heart be completely devoted to the Lord our God cw to walk in His statutes and to keep His commands, as it is today.”

62The king and all Israel with him were offering sacrifices in the Lord’s presence. 63 Solomon offered a sacrifice of
fellowship sacrifice(s) or offering(s): An animal offering was given to maintain and strengthen a person's relationship with God. It was not required as a remedy for impurity or sin but was an expression of thanksgiving for various blessings. An important function of this sacrifice was to provide meat for the priests and the participants in the sacrifice; it was also called the peace offering or the sacrifice of well-being.
fellowship offerings to the Lord: 22,000 cattle and 120,000 sheep. cy In this manner the king and all the Israelites dedicated cz the Lord’s temple. da

64On the same day, the king consecrated the middle of the courtyard that was in front of the Lord’s temple because that was where he offered the
burnt offering(s): Or holocaust, an offering completely burned to ashes; it was used in connection with worship, seeking God's favor, expiating sin, or averting judgment.
burnt offering, the
grain offering(s): An offering given along with animal sacrifices or given by itself. A portion was burnt and the priests and participant ate the remainder.
grain offering, and the fat of the fellowship offerings dd since the bronze altar before the Lord was too small to accommodate the burnt offerings, the grain offerings, and the fat of the fellowship offerings. de

65 Solomon and all Israel with him – a great assembly, from the entrance of Hamath
Or from Lebo-hamath
dg to the Brook of Egypt dh – observed the festival at that time di in the presence of the Lord our God, seven days, and seven more days – 14 days.
Temple dedication lasted seven days, and the Festival of Tabernacles lasted seven days.
66On the fifteenth day
Lit the eighth day
he sent the people away. So they blessed the king and went home to their tents rejoicing and with joyful hearts for all the goodness that the Lord had done for His servant David and for His people Israel. dm
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