Isaiah 1


1The vision a concerning Judah and Jerusalem that Isaiah b son of Amoz saw during the reigns
Lit saw in the days
ca 792-686 b.c.
of Uzziah, e Jotham, f Ahaz, g and Hezekiah, h kings of Judah. i

Judah on Trial

2 Listen, heavens, and pay attention, earth, j
for the Lord has spoken:
“I have raised children
Or sons
and brought them up,
but they have rebelled against Me. l
3 The ox knows its owner,
and the donkey its master’s feeding trough,
but Israel does not know;
My people do not understand.” m

4 Oh sinful nation,
people weighed down with iniquity, n
brood of evildoers, o
depraved children!
Or sons

They have abandoned q the Lord;
they have despised r the Holy One of Israel; s
they have turned their backs on Him.

5 Why do you want more beatings?
Why do you keep on rebelling?
The whole head is hurt,
and the whole heart is sick.
6 From the sole of the foot even to the head, t
no spot is uninjured u
wounds, welts, and festering sores
not cleansed, bandaged,
or soothed with oil.

7 Your land is desolate,
your cities burned with fire; v
foreigners devour your fields
before your very eyes –
a desolation demolished by foreigners.
8 Daughter
Zion: Originally a term for the fortified section of Jerusalem and then, by extension, used for the temple and the city of Jerusalem both in the present time and in the future
Zion x is abandoned
like a shelter in a vineyard,
like a shack in a cucumber field,
like a besieged city.
9 If the Lord of
Hosts/hosts: Military forces consisting of God's angels, sometimes including the sun, moon, and stars, and occasionally, Israel
Hosts z
had not left us a few survivors, aa
we would be like Sodom,
we would resemble Gomorrah. ab

10 Hear the word of the Lord, ac
you rulers of Sodom!
Listen to the instruction of our God,
you people of Gomorrah! ad
11 “What are all your sacrifices to Me?”
asks the Lord.
“I have had enough of
burnt offering(s): Or holocaust, an offering completely burned to ashes; it was used in connection with worship, seeking God's favor, expiating sin, or averting judgment.
burnt offerings and rams
and the fat of well-fed cattle;
I have no desire for the blood of bulls,
lambs, or male goats. af
12 When you come to appear before Me,
who requires this from you –
this trampling of My courts?
13 Stop bringing useless offerings. ag
Your incense is detestable to Me.
New Moons and Sabbaths, ah
and the calling of solemn assemblies ai
I cannot stand iniquity aj with a festival.
14 I hate your New Moons and prescribed festivals.
They have become a burden to Me;
I am tired of putting up with them.
15 When you lift up your hands in prayer, ak
I will refuse to look at you;
even if you offer countless prayers,
I will not listen. al
Your hands are covered with blood. am

Purification of Jerusalem

16 “Wash yourselves. Cleanse yourselves. an
Remove your evil deeds from My sight.
Stop doing evil. ao
17 Learn to do what is good.
Seek justice. ap
Correct the oppressor.
Or Aid the oppressed

Defend the rights of the fatherless.
Plead the widow’s cause.

18 “Come, let us discuss this,” ar
says the Lord.
“Though your sins are like scarlet,
they will be as white as snow; as
though they are as red as crimson,
they will be like wool.
19 If you are willing and obedient,
you will eat the good things of the land. at
20 But if you refuse and rebel,
you will be devoured by the sword.” au
For the mouth of the Lord has spoken. av

21 The faithful city
what an adulteress
Or prostitute
she has become!
She was once full of justice.
Righteousness once dwelt in her –
but now, murderers!
22 Your silver has become dross,
Or burnished lead

your beer
Or wine
is diluted with water.
23 Your rulers are rebels,
friends of thieves. az
They all love graft
and chase after bribes. ba
They do not defend the rights of the fatherless,
and the widow’s case never comes before them. bb

24 Therefore the Lord God of Hosts,
the Mighty One of Israel, declares:
“Ah, I will gain satisfaction from My foes;
I will take revenge against My enemies. bc
25 I will turn My hand against you bd
and will burn away your dross
Or burnished lead
Lit dross as with lye

I will remove all your impurities. bg
26 I will restore your judges bh to what they once were,
Lit judges as at the first

and your advisers to their former state.
Lit advisers as at the beginning

Afterward you will be called the Righteous City, bk
a Faithful City.”

27 Zion will be redeemed by justice,
her repentant ones by righteousness. bl
28 But both rebels and sinners will be destroyed,
and those who abandon the Lord will perish.
29 Indeed, they
Some Hb mss; other Hb mss, Tg read you
will be ashamed of the sacred trees
you desired, bn
and you will be embarrassed because of the gardens
you have chosen. bo
30 For you will become like an oak
whose leaves are withered,
and like a garden without water. bp
31 The strong one will become tinder,
and his work a spark;
both will burn together, bq
with no one to quench the flames. br
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