Isaiah 47

The Fall of Babylon

1 “Go down and sit in the dust, a
Virgin Daughter Babylon. b
Sit on the ground without a throne,
Daughter Chaldea!
For you will no longer be called pampered and spoiled.
2 Take millstones and grind meal; c
remove your veil,
strip off your skirt, bare your thigh,
wade through the streams.
3 Your nakedness will be uncovered,
and your shame will be exposed. d
I will take vengeance;
I will spare no one.
Hb obscure

4 The Holy One of Israel is our Redeemer; f
Yahweh/Yah: Or The Lord; the personal name of God in Hebrew; "Yah" is the shortened form of the name.
Yahweh of
Hosts/hosts: Military forces consisting of God's angels, sometimes including the sun, moon, and stars, and occasionally, Israel
Hosts is His name.

5 “Daughter Chaldea,
sit in silence i and go into darkness.
For you will no longer be called mistress of kingdoms.
6 I was angry with My people;
I profaned My possession,
and I placed them under your control.
You showed them no mercy;
you made your yoke very heavy on the elderly.
7 You said, ‘I will be the mistress forever.’
You did not take these things to heart
or think about their outcome.

8 “So now hear this, lover of luxury,
who sits securely, j
who says to herself,
‘I exist, and there is no one else.
I will never be a widow
or know the loss of children.’ k
9 These two things will happen to you
suddenly, in one day:
loss of children and widowhood.
They will happen to you in their entirety,
in spite of your many sorceries l
and the potency of your spells.
10 You were secure in your wickedness;
you said, ‘No one sees me.’ m
Your wisdom and knowledge
led you astray.
You said to yourself,
‘I exist, and there is no one else.’
11 But disaster will happen to you;
you will not know how to avert it.
And it will fall on you,
but you will be unable to ward it off.
Or to atone for it

Devastation will happen to you suddenly
and unexpectedly. o
12 So take your stand with your spells
and your many sorceries,
which you have wearied yourself with from your youth.
Perhaps you will be able to succeed;
perhaps you will inspire terror!
13 You are worn out with your many consultations.
So let them stand and save you –
the astrologers,
Lit dividers of the heavens
who observe the stars, q
who predict monthly
what will happen to you.
14 Look, they are like stubble; r
fire burns them up. s
They cannot deliver themselves
from the power
Lit hand
of the flame.
This is not a coal for warming themselves,
or a fire to sit beside!
15 This is what they are to you –
those who have wearied you
and have traded with you from your youth
each wanders on his own way;
no one can save you.
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