Isaiah 64

1 aIf only You would tear the heavens open

and come down, b
so that mountains would quake at Your presence c
Is 64:1 in Hb
as fire kindles the brushwood,
and fire causes water to boil
to make Your name known to Your enemies,
so that nations will tremble at Your presence!
3 When You did awesome works e
that we did not expect,
You came down, f
and the mountains quaked at Your presence.
4 From ancient times no one has heard,
no one has listened,
no eye has seen any God except You,
who acts on behalf of the one who waits for Him. g
5 You welcome the one who joyfully does what is right;
they remember You in Your ways.
But we have sinned, and You were angry.
How can we be saved if we remain in our sins?
Lit angry; in them continually and we will be saved; Hb obscure

6 All of us have become like something
unclean: When something is clean, it is holy or acceptable to God. When it is unclean, it is unholy (such as an unclean spirit). The term can be used in a ritual sense to apply to moral standards for living.
and all our righteous acts are like a polluted
Lit menstrual
garment; k
all of us wither like a leaf, l
and our iniquities m carry us away like the wind.
7 No one calls on Your name,
striving to take hold of You.
For You have hidden Your face from us n
and made us melt because of
LXX, Syr, Vg, Tg read and delivered us into the hand of
Lit melt by the hand
our iniquity.

8 Yet Lord, You are our Father; q
we are the clay, and You are our potter;
we all are the work of Your hands. r
9 Lord, do not be terribly angry
or remember our iniquity forever. s
Please look – all of us are Your people!
10 Your holy cities have become a wilderness;
Zion: Originally a term for the fortified section of Jerusalem and then, by extension, used for the temple and the city of Jerusalem both in the present time and in the future
Zion has become a wilderness,
Jerusalem a desolation. u
11 Our holy and beautiful
Or glorious; Isa 60:7
where our fathers praised You,
has been burned with fire,
and all that was dear to us lies in ruins. w
12 Lord, after all this, will You restrain Yourself?
Will You keep silent and afflict severely? x
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