Jeremiah 13

Linen Underwear

1This is what the Lord said to me: “Go and buy yourself a linen undergarment a and put it on,
Lit around your waist
but do not put it in water.”
2So I bought underwear as the Lord instructed me and put it on.

3Then the word of the Lord came to me a second time: 4 “Take the underwear that you bought and are wearing,
Lit wearing around your waist
and go at once to the Euphrates
Perhaps a place near Anathoth with the same spelling as river
and hide it in a rocky crevice.” e
5So I went and hid it by the Euphrates, as the Lord commanded me.

6A long time later the Lord said to me, “Go at once to the Euphrates and get the underwear that I commanded you to hide there.” 7So I went to the Euphrates and dug up the underwear and got it from the place where I had hidden it, but it was ruined – of no use at all.

8Then the word of the Lord came to me: 9“This is what the Lord says: Just like this I will ruin the great pride of both Judah and Jerusalem. f 10 These evil people, who refuse to listen to Me, who follow the stubbornness of their own hearts, g and who have followed other gods to serve and worship – they will be like this underwear, of no use at all. 11Just as underwear clings to one’s waist, so I fastened the whole house of Israel and of Judah to Me” h – this is the Lord’s declaration – “so that they might be My people for My fame, praise, and glory, i but they would not obey.

The Wine Jars

12 “Say this to them: This is what the Lord, the God of Israel, says: Every jar should be filled with wine. Then they will respond to you, ‘Don’t we know that every jar should be filled with wine?’ 13And you will say to them: This is what the Lord says: I am about to fill all who live in this land – the kings who reign for David on his throne, the priests, the prophets and all the residents of Jerusalem – with drunkenness. 14I will smash them against each other, fathers and sons alike” – this is the Lord’s declaration. “I will allow no mercy, pity, or compassion to keep Me from destroying them.” j

The Lord’s Warning

15 Listen and pay attention. Do not be proud,
for the Lord has spoken.
16 Give glory to the Lord your God k
before He brings darkness,
before your feet stumble
on the mountains at dusk.
You wait for light,
but He brings darkest gloom
Or brings a shadow of death

and makes thick darkness.
17 But if you will not listen,
my innermost being will weep in secret
because of your pride.
My eyes will overflow with tears,
for the Lord’s flock m has been taken captive.

18 Say to the king and the queen mother: n
Take a humble seat,
for your glorious crowns
have fallen from your heads.
19 The cities of the
Negev: An >arid region in the southern part of Israel; the Hebrew word means "south".
Negev are under siege;
no one can help them.
All of Judah has been taken into exile,
taken completely into exile.
20 Look up and see
those coming from the north. p
Where is the flock entrusted to you,
the sheep that were your pride?

The Destiny of Jerusalem

21 What will you say when He appoints
close friends as leaders over you,
ones you yourself trained?
Won’t labor pains seize you, q
as they do a woman in labor?
22 And when you ask yourself,
“Why have these things happened to me?”
It is because of your great
guilt/guilty: The liability to be punished for a fault, a sin, an act, or an omission unless there is forgiveness or atonement; the term normally concerns an objective fact, not a subjective feeling.
guilt s
that your skirts have been stripped off, t
your body exposed.
Lit your heels have suffered violence

23 Can the
Cush/ Cushite: The lands of the Nile in southern Egypt, including Nubia and Northern Sudan; the people who lived in that region
Cushite change his skin,
or a leopard his spots?
If so, you might be able to do what is good, w
you who are instructed in evil.
24 I will scatter you
Lit them
like drifting chaff y
before the desert wind.
25 This is your lot,
what I have decreed for you –
this is the Lord’s declaration

because you have forgotten Me
and trusted in Falsehood.
= Baal
26 I will pull your skirts up over your face
so that your shame might be seen. ab
27 Your adulteries and your lustful neighing, ac
your heinous prostitution
on the hills, in the fields
I have seen your detestable acts.
Woe to you, Jerusalem!
You are
unclean: When something is clean, it is holy or acceptable to God. When it is unclean, it is unholy (such as an unclean spirit). The term can be used in a ritual sense to apply to moral standards for living.
for how long yet? ae
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