Jeremiah 47

Prophecies against the Philistines

1This is the word of the Lord that came to Jeremiah the prophet about the Philistines a before Pharaoh defeated Gaza. b 2This is what the Lord says:

Look, waters are rising from the north
and becoming an overflowing
wadi: A seasonal stream that flows only in the rainy season
They will overflow the land and everything in it, d
the cities and their inhabitants.
The people will cry out,
and every inhabitant of the land will wail.
3 At the sound of the stomping hooves of his stallions, e
the rumbling of his chariots,
and the clatter of their wheels, f
fathers will not turn back for their sons,
because they will be utterly helpless
Lit because of laziness of hands

4 on account of the day that is coming
to destroy all the Philistines,
to cut off from Tyre and Sidon
every remaining ally. h
Indeed, the Lord is about to destroy the Philistines,
the remnant of the islands of Caphtor.
Probably Crete
5 Baldness is coming to Gaza. k
Ashkelon will become silent, l
a remnant of their valley.
How long will you gash yourself?

6 Oh, sword of the Lord! m
How long will you be restless?
Go back to your sheath;
be still; be silent!
7 How can it
LXX, Vg; MT reads you
when the Lord has given it a command? o
He has assigned it p
against Ashkelon and the shore of the sea.
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