Job 41:1-10

Jb 40:25 in Hb
Can you pull in
Leviathan: Or twisting one; a mythological sea serpent or dragon associated with the chaos at creation. Sometimes it is applied to an animal such as a crocodile.
Leviathan c with a hook d

or tie his tongue down with a rope?
2 Can you put a cord
Lit reed
through his nose
or pierce his jaw with a hook? f
3 Will he beg you for mercy
or speak softly to you?
4 Will he make a covenant with you
so that you can take him as a slave forever? g
5 Can you play with him like a bird
or put him on a leash
Lit or bind him
for your girls?
6 Will traders bargain for him
or divide him among the merchants?
7 Can you fill his hide with harpoons
or his head with fishing spears?
8 Lay a
Lit your
hand on him.
You will remember the battle
and never repeat it!
Jb 41:1 in Hb
Any hope of capturing him proves false.
Does a person not collapse at the very sight of him?
10 No one is ferocious enough to rouse Leviathan; k
who then can stand against Me?
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