Psalms 39:1-10

1For the choir director, for Jeduthun. A Davidic psalm.

I said, “I will guard my ways
so that I may not sin with my tongue;
I will guard my mouth with a muzzle
as long as the wicked are in my presence.” a
2 I was speechless and quiet;
I kept silent, even from speaking good,
and my pain intensified. b
3 My heart grew hot within me;
as I mused, a fire burned. c
I spoke with my tongue:
4Lord, reveal to me the end of my life
and the number of my days.
Let me know how short-lived I am. d
5 You, indeed, have made my days short in length,
and my life span as nothing in Your sight.
Yes, every mortal man is only a vapor. e ,
Selah: A Hebrew word whose meaning is uncertain; various interpretations include: (1) a musical notation, (2) a pause for silence, (3) a signal for worshipers to fall prostrate on the ground, (4) a term for the worshipers to call out, and (5) a word meaning "forever"


6 “Certainly, man walks about like a mere shadow.
Indeed, they frantically rush around in vain,
gathering possessions
without knowing who will get them. g
7 Now, Lord, what do I wait for?
My hope is in You. h
8 Deliver me from all my transgressions;
do not make me the taunt of fools. i
9 I am speechless; I do not open my mouth
because of what You have done. j
10 Remove Your torment from me;
I fade away because of the force of Your hand. k
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