Psalms 31

A Plea for Protection

1For the choir director. A Davidic psalm.

Lord, I seek refuge in You;
let me never be disgraced. a
Save me by Your righteousness.
2 Listen closely to me; rescue me quickly.
Be a rock of refuge for me,
a mountain fortress to save me. b
3 For You are my rock and my fortress; c
You lead and guide me
because of Your name. d
4 You will free me from the net
that is secretly set for me,
for You are my refuge. e
5 Into Your hand I entrust my spirit; f
You redeem
Or You have redeemed, or You will redeem, or spirit. Redeem
me, Lord, God of truth. h

6 I
One Hb ms, LXX, Syr, Vg, Jer read You
hate those who are devoted to worthless idols,
but I trust in the Lord. j
7 I will rejoice and be glad in Your faithful love
because You have seen my affliction.
You have known the troubles of my life k
8 and have not handed me over to the enemy. l
You have set my feet in a spacious place. m

9 Be gracious to me, Lord,
because I am in distress; n
my eyes are worn out from angry sorrow
my whole being
Lit my soul and my belly
as well. p
10 Indeed, my life is consumed with grief
and my years with groaning; q
my strength has failed
because of my sinfulness,
LXX, Syr, Sym read affliction

and my bones waste away. s
11 I am ridiculed by all my adversaries
and even by my neighbors.
I am dreaded by my acquaintances;
those who see me in the street run from me. t
12 I am forgotten: gone from memory
like a dead person – like broken pottery. u
13 I have heard the gossip of many;
terror is on every side. v
When they conspired against me,
they plotted to take my life. w

14 But I trust in You, Lord;
I say, “You are my God.” x
15 The course of my life is in Your power; y
deliver me from the power of my enemies
and from my persecutors. z
16 Show Your favor to Your servant;
save me by Your faithful love. aa
17 Lord, do not let me be disgraced when I call on You. ab
Let the wicked be disgraced;
let them be silent
LXX reads brought down
Or them perish, or them wail
Sheol: A Hebrew word for either the grave or the realm of the dead
Sheol. af
18 Let lying lips be quieted; ag
they speak arrogantly against the righteous
with pride and contempt. ah

19 How great is Your goodness
that You have stored up for those who
fear(s) God or the Lord/ the fear of the Lord: No single English word conveys every aspect of the word fear in this phrase. The meaning includes worshipful submission, reverential awe, and obedient respect to the covenant-keeping God of Israel.
fear You
and accomplished in the sight of
everyone/ human race: Literally, sons of man or sons of Adam
for those who take refuge in You. ak
20 You hide them in the protection of Your presence;
You conceal them in a shelter
Lit canopy

from the schemes of men,
from quarrelsome tongues. am
21 May the Lord be praised,
for He has wonderfully shown His faithful love to me
in a city under siege.
Or a fortified city
22 In my alarm I had said,
“I am cut off from Your sight.” ap
But You heard the sound of my pleading
when I cried to You for help. aq

23 Love the Lord, all His faithful ones. ar
The Lord protects the loyal,
but fully repays the arrogant. as
24 Be strong
Lit Let your heart be strong
and courageous,
all you who put your hope in the Lord. au
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