Psalms 69

A Plea for Rescue

1For the choir director: according to “The Lilies.”
Possibly a tune; Pss 45; 60; 80

Save me, God,
for the water has risen to my neck. b
2 I have sunk in deep mud, and there is no footing;
I have come into deep waters,
and a flood sweeps over me. c
3 I am weary from my crying;
my throat is parched.
My eyes fail, looking for my God. d
4 Those who hate me without cause
are more numerous than the hairs of my head;
my deceitful enemies, who would destroy me,
are powerful. e
Though I did not steal, I must repay. f

5 God, You know my foolishness,
and my
guilt/guilty: The liability to be punished for a fault, a sin, an act, or an omission unless there is forgiveness or atonement; the term normally concerns an objective fact, not a subjective feeling.
guilty acts are not hidden from You. h
6 Do not let those who put their hope in You
be disgraced because of me,
Lord God of
Hosts/hosts: Military forces consisting of God's angels, sometimes including the sun, moon, and stars, and occasionally, Israel
do not let those who seek You
be humiliated because of me,
God of Israel. j
7 For I have endured insults because of You,
and shame has covered my face. k
8 I have become a stranger to my brothers
and a foreigner to my mother’s sons l
9 because zeal for Your house has consumed me, m
and the insults of those who insult You
have fallen on me. n
10 I mourned and fasted,
but it brought me insults. o
11 I wore
sackcloth: Garment made of poor quality material and worn as a sign of grief and mourning
sackcloth as my clothing,
and I was a joke to them.
12 Those who sit at the city
gate(s): The center for community discussions, political meetings, and trying of court cases
gate talk about me,
and drunkards make up songs about me. r

13 But as for me, Lord,
my prayer to You is for a time of favor.
In Your abundant, faithful love, God,
answer me with Your sure salvation. s
14 Rescue me from the miry mud; don’t let me sink.
Let me be rescued from those who hate me
and from the deep waters. t
15 Don’t let the floodwaters sweep over me
or the deep swallow me up;
don’t let the
Pit: Either the grave or the realm of the dead
Pit close its mouth over me. v
16 Answer me, Lord,
for Your faithful love is good;
in keeping with Your great compassion,
turn to me. w
17 Don’t hide Your face from Your servant,
for I am in distress.
Answer me quickly! x
18 Draw near to me and redeem me;
ransom me because of my enemies. y

19 You know the insults I endure –
my shame and disgrace.
You are aware of all my adversaries. z
20 Insults have broken my heart,
and I am in despair.
I waited for sympathy,
but there was none;
for comforters, but found no one. aa
21 Instead, they gave me gall
A bitter substance
for my food,
and for my thirst
they gave me vinegar to drink. ac

22 Let their table set before them be a snare,
and let it be a trap for their allies. ad
23 Let their eyes grow too dim to see,
and let their loins continually shake. ae
24 Pour out Your rage on them,
and let Your burning anger overtake them. af
25 Make their fortification desolate;
may no one live in their tents. ag
26 For they persecute the one You struck
and talk about the pain of those You wounded. ah
27 Add guilt to their guilt;
do not let them share in Your righteousness. ai
28 Let them be erased from the book of life
and not be recorded with the righteous. aj

29 But as for me – poor and in pain
let Your salvation protect me, God. ak
30 I will praise God’s name with song
and exalt Him with thanksgiving. al
31 That will please
Yahweh/Yah: Or The Lord; the personal name of God in Hebrew; "Yah" is the shortened form of the name.
Yahweh more than an ox,
more than a bull with horns and hooves. an
32 The humble will see it and rejoice.
You who seek God, take heart! ao
33 For the Lord listens to the needy
and does not despise
His own who are prisoners. ap

34 Let heaven and earth praise Him,
the seas and everything that moves in them, aq
35 for God will save
Zion: Originally a term for the fortified section of Jerusalem and then, by extension, used for the temple and the city of Jerusalem both in the present time and in the future
and build up
Or and rebuild
the cities of Judah.
They will live there and possess it. at
36 The descendants of His servants will inherit it,
and those who love His name will live in it. au
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