Zechariah 2

Third Vision: Surveyor

Zch 2:5 in Hb
I looked up and saw a man with a measuring line in his hand.
2I asked, “Where are you going?”He answered me, “To measure Jerusalem to determine its width and length.”

3Then the angel who was speaking with me went out, and another angel went out to meet him. 4He said to him, “Run and tell this young man: Jerusalem will be inhabited without walls because of the number of people and livestock in it.” b 5The declaration of the Lord: “I will be a wall c of fire around it, and I will be the glory within it.”

6“Get up! Leave the land of the northd – this is the Lord’s declaration – “for I have scattered you like the four winds of heaven” – this is the Lord’s declaration. 7 “Go,
Zion: Originally a term for the fortified section of Jerusalem and then, by extension, used for the temple and the city of Jerusalem both in the present time and in the future
Zion! Escape, you who are living with Daughter Babylon.”
8 For the Lord of
Hosts/hosts: Military forces consisting of God's angels, sometimes including the sun, moon, and stars, and occasionally, Israel
Hosts says this: “He has sent Me
Or me
for His glory against the nations who are plundering you, for anyone who touches you touches the pupil
Or apple
of His
Ancient Jewish tradition reads My
9I will move against them with My
Or my
power, and they will become plunder for their own servants. k Then you will know that the Lord of Hosts has sent Me.
Or me

10 “Daughter Zion, shout for joy and be glad, for I am coming to dwell among you” – this is the Lord’s declaration. 11 “Many nations will join themselves to the Lord on that day and become My
LXX, Syr read His
people. n I will dwell among you, and you will know that the Lord of Hosts has sent Me
Or me
to you.
12The Lord will take possession of Judah as His portion in the Holy Land, and He will once again choose Jerusalem. p 13Let all people be silent q before the Lord, for He is coming from His holy dwelling.”
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